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Stonewell 1.1

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 Hi y'all! It's time for another Sims Saturday post and another Installment of the legacy challenge. Last time we met Indie, and he started univeristy, turned into a werewolf, and I'm pretty sure some other stuff happened that I can't remember so be sure to check out last weeks post if you need to catch up! And now lets get to the rest of the update! 

 Well for one.. I forgot I influenced someone to write it for him so I had him do it. 
Second, Tiger Girls name is actually Fiona. 

 And then I got bored of univeristy as I usually do and forgot to take more pictures so this is the last one. He did graduate with a  4.0 though. i
 Indie: Your doing to fix this right? 
Fix what? 
Indie: This... place. I don't actually live here right? 
 Oh this empty lot? Yes. you live here. 
Indie: Where's my house? I didn't go to college to live on an empty lot.. 
oh really well.. 
 You have no money and we already have an outstanding loan balance, would you like to add to that? 
Indie: Well... no not really. I'll never be able to pay it back. 
That's what I thought. So. Let's see where we stand. 
 We had enough left over money after buying the lot for him to buy a few necessities. I think it's looking pretty good for an empty lot. 
 Then at this point, I realized I needed to chance Indie's clothes cause he grew up into horrible ones. 
 Also this super cutie walked by. His name is Isaac. Remember him for later~ 
 He needed social so I just had him greet anyone that walked by. 
 This guy took that as an invite to play Indies guitar which he brought with him from University. 
 After a few paintings, I thought he deserved a comfy chair and out of the rain while he paints. 
 Then he saved enough for a telescope. And promptly earned $500 for it. 
 The plan was for him to have alien babies. (I added new multi-PT hack and made my own aliens and I'm dying to get babies from them) 
That plan failed. He has no money and no spouse, and he's constantly in a horrible mood. So he refuses to use the telescope which doesn't bode well for being abducted.  Sooo new plan. Aliens later. 
 So he got a job as an artist for now since his dream job didn't show up. 
(his lifetime want is to be a rockstar or whatever the top of the musician career is)
 Then he invited cutie Isaac over. 
 I think his Alien eyes make him a good compromise to the aliens. Hopefully he gives me adorable babies. 
He said yes by the way. 

 THen got married on the.... lawn? The living room? I don't know. 
 I think his turn ons kinda contradict each other? What even...
Oh Isaac. 

 And with the money Isaan brought with him I built them a... garage? 
Just a starting point for the house! 
Also.. I promise it has a roof, it's just a flat one and I didn't even think to put some sort of edging to make it noticable. 
 After his makeover. He came out so so so cute! 
 This pet adoption cop that spawned is super cute too. 
Pet adoption you say? 
Well.. Indie wanted to obtain a pet. I obliged. 
 They got this adorable Husky. (who was suppose to be preggo cause I created her, knocked her up, put her up for adoption, but I guess it glitched out cause I haven't gotten puppies.) 
 Her name is Peace and she's a huge slob. She fits right in with Indie tbqh. 
 they're really cute together. 
 Whatcha doing? 
Isaac: Playing guitar.. what's it look like? 
In the snow? 
Isaac: Yes
I think when you can't see your feet in the snow anymore.. it's time to go inside. 
Also... note that Peace is harassing the walk-bys in the background. 
 Second trimester! 
 Indie wanted to buy the barre, Isaac needed body skill for his law enforcement career, so I gave into Indies requests. 
 An this is where things went downhill..... FAST! 
Indie tried to cook dinner... and well.. then this happened.. 
 they all died. 

THE END!!!!!

 Just kidding. I quit without saving and we now enter a new reality in which the fire never happened.. 

 But Indie is no longer allowed to cook. 
At least not until I get babies. 
Indie: but... it was my third trimester pop that made me forget the salmon before.. 
I don't care. No more cooking. 
 last pop again! 
Oh.... whats he gagging over? 
 Apparently the new fire alarm I installed just to be safe.
Well too bad.. it'll save your life. 
One day. Just watch. 
 Or maybe he was gagging over his own stink. Who knows. 
 His wants and fears always have to do with werewolves. "Indie is cured" "Indie howls" "Becomes werewofl" 
Guess what Isaac... It's not gonna happen. 
 That couldn't have come at a better time cause... 
 Indie: Oh goooooood it huuuuurts... 
 Isaac: So glad I got that promotion.. It's gonna come in handy with a little one around.. 
 Isaac: OH GOD WAIT... where is the baby gonna come out? He's a man.. he can't give birth OH GOD WHY. 
Well.... luckily Isaac, this is sims, where babies are born with nothing more than a spin and some sparkles and magic spawning. 

I wish it were that easy in real life. 
 They had a little girl. Her name is Esme. She got Indie's genetics, so we'll see who's features she got when she grows up. 
 I hate you dog... 
Which went horribly cause my computer didn't think it was needed or something and I had to just send them home. 
I leave you with them not having enough money to pay the nanny... so she took the toilet to cover it. 

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