Friday, June 13, 2014

Generation three will be starting soon..

 Welp! I'm back with another update and look at how cute Flower and Lavendar are together. We're now getting ready to start generation three and I think the naming theme is going to be flowers so right after I post this I'm going to be looking up flower names.. or just flowers in general that I can use as names for the babies of this generation. And I have to do that and have the list ready like.. right now because these two took things into their own hands as soon as they moved into their new house. Sigh. I so wasn't ready for a house full of babies just yet, but oh well. Let's get on with the update. 

 I will never get this. Invite sim on date? First want is to have a pillow fight with them. They did this the whole time. And had a dream date because of it. I just. I don't. get. it.

 The twins Crimson and Lavendar went off to college now.

 So did Flower. And woohooing on the couch in the dorm in front of everyone is totally normal. Completely normal.
 Lavendars face.
He was glaring at his brother.
No idea why.
Also that girl? Needs to go take a shower.
 And this guy keeps flirting with Lavendar.
To the point that Lavendar is not in love with him.
Stop that, Lav, you have a boyfriend. And said boyfriend is cuter than this guy. So just. Stop.
 Lavendar and Crimson made it through college without Flower catch Lav and that other guy together. Thank god.
So the twins moved back home, Teal and Crimson moved out right away, and the rest of the family moved to their new larger house.
 Lavendars first action in the new house?
Invite Flower over.
Then I had to use cheats to move him in cause of him being a playable college sim. I realized this AFTER I had him propose, and then had them get married right on the lawn when there was no 'ask to move in' option thinking.. that would move him in.
I wanted them to have a big fancy wedding with friends and a honeymoon and everything.
they ruined my plans.
 This happened.
*Baby jingles*
No really. Right after I finally got Flower moved in and bought him new clothes. They ran off to the hot tub together. ON THEIR OWN. I had no part in this decision.
Lavendar is now expecting their first child. I wasn't ready for this to happen.
Annnnd Flower is the cutest, just pretend Adams hand/arm didn't ruin the picture.

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