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Stonewell 2.4

 Hi y'all! Totally been slacking on getting these up in a timely manner, but I;m making up for that right now and I'm going to try my best to not let time get away from me again. After the jump is a DOUBLE update so be warned there are about 100 pictures in this entry. 

Last Time: Sterling had her second child, Another boy, named Paris, and Conrad grew into a toddler and lover all over Peace. Both of the kids were horrible at learning skills. And the like. There were job promotions, and the maid stole a decoration from the kitchen as payment for his services. He couldn't wait two second longer for someone to come home from work, obvs. Conrad and PAris both had more birthdays and Sterling became pregnant for the third time. and gave birth to a little girl, Hadley. Then peace promptly passed away. (SAAAAAAD FACE. BIG FAT HUGE SAD FACE RIGHT NOW) And that's about it so let move on~ 

 To start off with, Indie took a little trip to the pet store, (I think it was Indie? I don't remember now? Someone went to the pet store..) 

They bought two new pets for the family. 
Artemis is the pup, and Bullet is the cat. 

 Then Paris grew up? 

Sorry guys.. it's been a while since I took these shots, I don't remember what most of them are suppose to be. 
Which is why I'm trying to get these posted so that I can get to more current events and I'll actually know what's going on again, lol. Generation 5 is about to start... so some of these sims aren't even around anymore :( makes me sad to see them in these pictures. 
 Isaac also aged up to an elder. Noooo, bb, nooo. 
 Bullet is adorable, but thinks that counters are for sitting. Sigh. 
 These kids.... they have horrible influences around them. 
 Issac met Artemis :D 
 Paris loves the new pets. And they line up for attention from him
Artemis: No really cat, it's my turn now, get down from there! 
 the pets love each other too though :D 
 Artemis: WAT?!?! You can't be dead. :O :O :P 

 Aaand I'll stop spaming trick teaching. I thought it was cute, I've never actually watched them learning tricks closely before. 
 Silly cats, beds are for sims! 
 Freddie: This food is horrid. Why is it here? 
Better question.... why were you eating it? Seriously, don't whine to me about how gross it is and how sick it made you... when you went and ate it all on your own.. 

 Bullet deserved a spam of her own too. 
I just can't get over how the default eye and cat nose replacements I added in my game makes all the animals look SO MUCH cuter. Really, it's the best thing ever. 
 yeah, sterling is also an animal. 
 but but.... beds are for sims! 

 everyone is literally just obsessed with all the animals. It's kind of ridiculous. 
 filthy animals

 In other news, Hadley had a birthday and also still exists! 

 Freddie: Oh god, I feel sick. 
Yeah... remember that horrid food you decided to eat? 
Food poisoning, bb. 
 Freddie: I'll just exorcise it out at work, it's okay.. 
 Artemis: HUMAN... why are you touching my paw? What is this? Can I go? 
Sterling: Come on Artie, Shake
I don't think she wants to though.. 
 Conrads and auto cleaner... it's kind of cute, I don't know 

 I found this tub to add thats just for dogs. I was having problems with the bathrooms being too small for the dogs to get into the tub so Peace was just filthy her whole life, but I fixed it this time around, yay! 
Oh Indie.. bb. The bathroom wasn't THAT far away. 
 Obsessed with the animals, I tell ya. 

 Earning work skills with that skill helmet thinger. (I forget what it's called? lol.) 
 skilling dem toddlers. 
 Freddie: Ah! That nearly gave me a heartattack
What's wrong with you, bb? 
 Ah! Peace came to visit! 
 And I made the grave area look a little nicer for the poor bb. Isaac and Indie will be joining her soon too anyways. 
 Rearranged the nursery
 Hadley is adorable. 

 And the living room also got a make over.
 Freddie: Last time I ate food with fumes coming from it I got sick.. not sure if sparkles are safe.. 
Indie: Shut up dude and just eat it. It's bettter when it sparkles. 
 Hadley: Can someone feed me? And change me? And just remember I exist? 

 they're cursed to be stuck with vermin for life :( 

 Panda also still exists! 

 The swings are a popular item at the play ground.. 
 The kids always want to go fishing.. 
 Artemis went out with them this time and played fetch with a stranger. 
 Hudson! Hi, bb. 
 Conrad, maybe you should play with kids your own age. 

 Conrad fell before he could even start skating.. 
 Then Paris did.. 
 Paris: It's cool. No one seen that. I didn't just fall. 
Paris: Hmm... how do you feel about physiology? 
Maxwell: *GASP* Oh I just love it! This kid knows my favorite topic to discuss! 
 Esme! I don't see her out much :( 

 Freddie is obsessed with the guitar and also still needs work skills soo
 Birthdays for conrad! He's adorable! 

 Also birthday for Hadley. Maybe she'll get more attention now? 
Paris: Oh gross. We have a sister? Why? Girls are so gross! And she smells icky! can't be that bad. 
 And I totally missed this happening.. :( 
 He'll get to rest here beside Peace and wait for Isaac to join them. 
 how is someone dying a good memory? Oh gaaame. 
 And Isaac didn't even wait two minutes after Indie passed to roll this want. What is with this family.. 

 This is all Isaac does now. 

 Skilling! I was trying to get them lots of college money from scholorships since this family is still fairly poor. 

 Freddie: Congrats on being old! 
Isaac: ..... is he for real? 
 they just heart fart all over each other it's ridiculous. 

 no this car is still not done. did you expect a different outcome? 

 Hi, bb. Why didn't you bring Indie with you? 

 They're just sooooo cute! 

 why do they still have a nanny? 
 Aaaaand the smustling is starting! 
 random pillow fights are the greatest thing ever! 

 hard work being a cop. 
 idk. he came home with conrad. 

aaaaand the computer hack I added did this :D :D 

And that's where we end also. Til next time~ 

Thanks for reading! 

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