Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Stonewell 2.3

Hi guys! I know I am failing big time at getting more than one up a week with these. I'm not making promises this time, so yeah, I'm gonna try, but we'll see if I get to it. I'm trying to force myself back into blogging both here and my nail blog so that I'm back to posting on a regular schedule cause I fail at doing it on both blogs. But anyways. 

Last Time: Sterling gave birth to her first child with Freddie, a boy named Conrad, and then promptly took Freddie out for a date where they got married and even the neighborhood good witch hung out to witness it! Indie grew into an elder (Soooo many sad faces about this I swear.) Sterling was obsessed with bubble baths and omlettes, the nanny sucked, Sterling popped with their second baby while Conrad grew to a toddler and became the first Stonewell child to learn his toddler skills. And not a whole of anything else :D

Promotions are always good
These toddler bed matts are kind of a lifesaver in this game. Yes I know they can sleep in the dog beds too but that's kinda gross so I have these in my game, it's basically the same thing as the cheap dog bed pillow, but only the toddlers can use it. 
Indie is still a cool gramps even in his old age. 
:D :D 
Sterling: You're smiling at this? BUT OH GOD IT HURTS
Yeah but... babies. just gimme them. 
Another boy, they've named him Paris. He has Indie's eyes, and Freddies hair and skin. Can't wait to see what this cutie looks like when he grows up! 
Freddie is still proving to be a not useless father. 
Freddie: Look I can hold the baby! 
And? So can everyone else in the house.. 
Freddie: I changed it's diaper before bringing it in here and giving it a bottle... 
'it'? Uhmm.. Freddie.. that's your son. That's a HE. 
Still have loan they owe lol. We're working on it! 
Sterling: Say 'mama'
Conrad: Sim Goddess, is this lady for real? She knows I won't cooperate and learn right? 
Yeah, I don't know. She's the second one to try and you haven't learned yet so.. 
Maybe they'll get the hint? 
(He did eventually learn though, don't worry)

Indie being a good gramps. Though I'm pretty sure he was the third person to pick him up from his crib, bring him to the kitchen, feed him a bottle, then leave him in the floor only for me to direct him to pick Paris back up and take him to a crib.. 
Maid: You can't pay me?! >:[ I'll just take your stuff.. 
I bet you thought he was taking the microwave too, right? 
So did I.
Til he left and it was still there. 
So I looked, and it was just a little super cheap decoration that was hanging ABOVE the microwave that was missing. 
Yeah I don't know. 
Was there a point to this shot? 
Probably, but I don't remember. 

Freddie is learning work skils. 
Sterling just can't possibly stay away from him. 
Aww how cute. 
(Spoiler alert: I'm pretty far ahead compared to this now and.. I miss Peace :( ))
Let's get a look at the boys shall we? 
Just where are you going in such a hurry? 
Conrad: Can't talk right now, gotta go make the bed.
okay then. 

Not not kidding. as soon as he grew up he went SPRINTING for the couble beds to make them. This kid is strange already. 
and toddler Paris. SO CUTE
Both of these boys look quite a bit like Freddie. 
Paris: No nononono! Words are icky! So is learning! no! 
Freddie: Butbutbut... just one word? Please? *pouts* 
yeah.. I don't think he's gonna. If he's anything like conrad... learning to talk might take a while.. 

Conrad: Dear Diary, I really wish someone would buy me a gnome. The end. 
But... I swear to god there is a gnome on the shelf behind him. WHAT. 


Smart milk is the best invention EVER for this game. Even better with the fall skill boost. 
I built them a green house. I like having the sparkly food from the fridge when you stock it with fresh produce... they have to eat less when one plate fills them up. 
/O/ \O\ /O/ \O\
Indie is AWESOME at bringing in money. I'm gonna miss that when he's gone. 
they used some of it to pay off part of the loan
they always break something :| 
oh finally. another pop. 
Sterling: PEEK-A-BOO
Paris: Really mom? I still see you.. 
Can someone just clean up the rotting bottle before someone drinks it? 
They got a wombat. His name is Panda. 
Panda later had to be moved as he kept anyone that tried to sleep in that room awake with his running. 
Isaac was only a random townie spouse, but I really enjoyed playing him. So I was sad to see him get old too :( 
And I think I need to take the bubble blower away from them D: 

Why are you eating alone? 
Sterling: It's 2 am and everyones in bed is why. 
so why did you make dinner for everyone? 
Sterling: It's all for me of course. And the baby. I'm eating for two you know.. 
Okay. just gonna... move on.. 
Potty training is the one toddler skill i hate teaching the most. it takes FOREVER
Freddie: WOOOOOOT! *Rocks out* 
Yeah... Freddie still loves the guitar. 
Remember when he helped himself to it right after Sterling greeted him walking past the house? 
He still spends his time this way. 
Freddie: LALALALA *totally oblivious to his wife giving birth right in front of him*
Hudson must of been walking past though, he ran inside to see his new little niece or nephew come into the world. 
It's a girl this time. Her name is Hadley. She has Indies eyes, Freddie's hair, and Sterlings skin tone. 
did I mention everything always breaks? 
Sterling: *Sings* Just gonna stand here and watch you burn.. 
Are those jokes old now? Yes? T oo bad. 
It's the first thing I thought of when she jsut STOOD THERE AND WATCHED. 
Thankfully there was an alarm installed due to the first fire incident when everyone died and we had to enter an alternate reality in which it never happened. LOL. 
Freddie is still a good dad. 
There's a skunk! 
I don't know what the point of this picture was though
I didn't realize Peace would be leaving us in this update. 
Look, even the maid came to say goodbye to her. 
You were a pain in the ass, Peace, tearing up every single bed I bought in the first generation, but you were an awesome dog and you'll be missed :( 

Why are you so happy? You're dog just died... 
Conrad: I got a good grade at school! :D :D :D 
I don't really believe that... it was your first day.. 
Conrad: I didn't say you had to believe me, but I did. 

Yeah... somehow he has a B+ instead of the usual starting C. It must have been one of the homework mod I added? 
Aaaaand I leave you here. Cliff hanger~~ 

Thanks for reading!! 

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