Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Stonewell 2.2

Hi y'all! Time for another Stonewell update! I meant to get more than I did up last week but then I just.. didn't. Sorry about that! I will definitely try to get at least two posts up this week so that I can try and get caught up to where I am in game! Now I'm up to all generation 4 babies born and the youngest are toddlers. So getting close to gen 4 taking over! 

Last Time: Sterling took over as heir for generation two, and met a few people walking by their house. Most of which she hated just like she does everyone else. (What is it with her? Srsly I was starting to think she was gonna need to marry and have babies with herself because she hates everyone else) But she finally met Freddie and it was an instant sim connection! 2 bolts!! which is like 10,000 bolts for sterling since she has horrible chemistry with everyone else. I'm rambling. Back to the point. There were a lot of promotions that happened last time, Freddie moved in and he and Sterling got engaged. Everyone wanted to hang out in the love tub... alone and in the snow. Sterling got knocked up and Freddie magically learned parenting from a cleaning book. (WAT?!) And Indie was almost getting old. Okay enough of my rambling! 

And we start this off with BABIES!!! 
Well... hopefully only one to start with.. we might wanna ease these two into it.. 
But Freddie can sense what babies tell him so maybe it'll be okay if they have a litter.. 
Only one though. 
A boy named Conrad. 
He's got Sterling's skin, and hair, and Indies eyes. (Why didn't those ever show on Indies kids? Sigh.) 
They're obvs starting out this parenting thing on the right foot.. 
But you know.. sterling.. you could have put on pants before asking. 
Their first date want was to slow dance or something like that so.. 
Then they went inside to make out... 
Freddie: *grabs ass* 
Sterling: *sucks face more* 
you guys. 
get a room. 

There was a wedding arch on the lot so I figured... why not? 
Better to get them hitched before Freddie gets cold feet or something. 
All the rest of the quads were there at the lot too and got to see her get married. 
Hudson, Skylar, and Maxwell. 
There was no Esme in sight though :( 
Even Mrs. Sparkle-lag showed up to the wedding! And I don't think she even ruined it with roached and thunder storms! *GASP*
Obligatory celebrating in the photo booth.. 
They wanted to.. so I went with it. They are still on a date after all, lol. 
Freddie: Uh.. babe you need help with this old woman? 
Sterling: No i got this.. 
I HATE this old woman. She ruins everything. 
And when the old woman starts beating on you with her purse, it's time to call it a day and head home. So they did! 

*baby chimes*
Freddie: So dad, how would you like to have more grand kids around? Then we can have more toys! Aren't toys great!? 
Indie: I don't wanna talk about this.. 
Aww.. my baby got old :( 
I don't remember why I took this? 
Proof that they did more than just make babies in the photobooth! 
She wants to take bubble baths all the time, I don't know. Maybe it's a pregnancy thing? Is it a pregnancy thing? 

Umm... the dog is melting into the wall and I think Sterling is about to step off the stair landing... 
So many things wrong with this picture, lol. 
Indie doesn't have anything else to do anymore.. 

Freddie actually wants to spend time with his kid!! I don't have to force him!! 
You should use those special baby sensing abilities you learned from your cleaning book though.. 
I don't remember the point of this either.. 
OMG the nanny of all people could be better than putting the baby on the floor. literally took him out of the crib and then put him on the floor. WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING ELSE.

Nanny: Chill.. I just needed to get a better grib on him.. 
Soooo let me replay this again. 
Pick baby up from crib. 
Put baby on floor. 
Pick baby right back up from the floor. 
Commence snuggles. 
This makes SO much sense. So. Much. 
Why is there even a nanny here? Someones always at home at this point.. 
You better be reading the book I told you this time... 
Freddie: About cleaning? So I get promoted? Yeah I got that one.. 
Yeah.. he actually did this time. 
all the money they get is still SO SO welcome at this point because they are definitely not that rich. 
I missed her first pop but BABIES! 

omg, this always looks so so undafe. like DON'T JUST THROW BABIES. 

Aaand heres Conrad after a little make over! 
Little cutie! 
And Indie's potty training faces. 
Sterling's favorite things while pregnant: Bubble Baths and Omlettes. 
Aaand I got them a piano just cause. 
Learning to talk is... well it would be easier if the kid cooperated. 

Isaac: Sigh. Why doesn't he like me? Why doesn't he just say grandpa? 
It's okay, bb. It's okay. 
Is that even... safe... while pregnant? 
Nevermind. Just... do as you please. 
*Face plants into omlettes*
Conrad was the first stonewell toddler to learn all 3 toddler skills. Largely due to a lot of help from smart milk.
Indie: FUCK LADY BUGS! They're so such ugly little red bugs with black polka dots and DID YOU KNOW MOST OF THEM AREN'T EVEN LADIES? SO WHY ARE THEY LADY BUGS? 
Freddie: I can't tell if you're serious or.... WAIT Don't talk about lady bugs like that!! They're amazing little creatures from mother earth!!! 

Yeah... I don't know. 
They were seriously arguing about lady bugs.. 
Indue had to go paint to calm down over the heated lady bug debate.. 
Conrad: WAAAAAH!! Can someone let me out? I need to pee! WAAAAAAH!
And I leave this update with more promotions! Woot!!! 

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